Fast Forward

Keynote Summit and Work Session Main Tracks


 Tech Startups & innovation


Accelerating UAE and MENA  startup community over two days, ecosystem  and  operations, technologies, enabling tech startup and coming entrepreneurs that are forging tomorrow’s world and pushing the envelope across the entire business and ICT sector either e-commerce, transportation, real estate, and brick and Omni retail.



Money & BitCoin Talk


Over two days, Fast Forward is gathering business thinkers and doers from all different industries to share trends, insights and discuss opportunities for hundreds of Startups,  SMEs executives, co-founders, shareholder and investors. As well shaping up financial technologies in online payment, banking services, and insurance.



Technology & AI


Fast Forward artificial intelligence, augmented and virtual reality, gamification showcasing the latest products and services in a relaxed, thought leadership format. Topics cover the issues you face everyday  network security , compliance, cloud, virtualization , sdn, storage, backup , infrastructure, network ,mobility , VoIP and big data , hadoop and whatever else pops up, disrupting the constantly evolving world of improving customer experience, increasing sales, and more.



Social Media


Fast Forward talk on hyper-connected business, startup were these talks explore how the Internet and social media are shaping our industries and communities , personal lives and sense of self.